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Top 7 Shark Movies Of All Time

Sharks are interesting sea creatures. For years, sharks have painted a gruesome image of themselves. Sharks are dangerous sea creatures. They are not domesticated and are not pets. These sharks live on the sea and the sea keeps them alive by giving them prey to eat. Unfortunately, the human race can fall prey to these sharks too.

This dangerous nature of sharks has made them perfect subjects for several movies. Over the years, the number of shark movies continues to increase. This only means that the fascination for sharks is never ending. Here are our top seven favourite shark movies ever made.

1. Jaws

The best shark movie ever made. Jaws, has somehow become the standard of all shark movies. The scenes are compelling and the thrill is indescribable. The movie is created in such a way that it will make you feel that a shark is chasing you as well.

2. Deep Blue Sea

This is another amazing shark movie. This is a movie revolves on a research experiment conducted on sharks. This experiment has inadvertently made the sharks wiser, faster, and more vicious.

3. Shark Attack 2

This is a shark movie is a continuation of Shark Attack 1, were mutated sharks attack innocent and unsuspecting beach goers. In this movie, the main cast discovers six more mutated sharks.

4. She Gods Of Shark Reef

This is a very old movie. This is about a group of women that belongs to a shark cult and sacrifices young virgins in order to appease the shark god.

5. Shark

This movie is about a treasure hunt/double-cross/adventure story set in Northern Africa. The main character is a gun smuggler who lost his stash. In the search, he ends up in a village and found himself investigating the death of local diver killed by sharks.

6. Red Water

This movie involves three groups of characters a group of off shore oil drillers, a pack of criminals diving for hidden drug money and a vicious bull shark. All these characters came to one town and chaos erupted.

7. Night Of The Sharks

This is about a man who stole gems from a gang and ended up running for his life. The gang lord found him and sent men to retrieve the gems. Unfortunately, the goons end up fooled by the main character or eaten by sharks.

Shark movies are abundant. Unfortunately, some of these movies are not that impressive. So when you are looking for an adventure, grab a good shark movie and watch alone or with a friend if you scare easily.