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About Shark Teeth

Sharks are great predators. They hunt the see for food. They kill their prey using their razor sharp teeth. Unlike humans, sharks do not have molars or incisors. Shark teeth are often triangular in shape and razor sharp. The main function of these teeth is to bite and tear apart. Sharks do not chew instead they simply swallow huge chunks of flesh. Sharks are powerful and their sharp teeth are a testament to that power.

The essence that these sharks exude is probably the reason why people love collecting shark teeth and shark teeth necklaces.

Shark teeth and shark teeth necklace are not great collector's items but they are great souvenir gifts as well. However, you must understand that in order to acquire shark teeth some people have to risk their lives. Here are some tips on how to collect shark teeth.

  • Shark teeth can be found on shorelines. However, not all beaches have shark teeth. Therefore, before you waste time searching for shark teeth in a beach that does not have any, do some research first. Research for beaches where shark teeth are often found. Once you know where this beach is you can go to that beach and see if you are lucky.
  • Look for shark teeth preferably during low tide where you get to see more of the shoreline.
  • Search for shark teeth in areas where dark sand was deposited or on washouts and around rocks. Shark teeth found in beaches make great materials for a shark teeth necklace.
  • Use a sifter to sift through the sand when searching for shark teeth on dark sand deposits. Shark teeth are often triangular. Look for triangular shaped pieces on the sifter after sifting the sand.
  • Place the items on a jar and label it. This will make it easier for you to identify the shark teeth.
  • A shark teeth necklace often use more than one shark tooth, so make sure you have enough shark teeth.
  • The best way to collect shark teeth is by scuba diving. The ocean floor is littered with shark teeth since a shark's tooth is often replaced day in and day out.

Collecting shark teeth may sound fun. However, diving to areas where sharks live can be dangerous. This is the reason why a shark teeth necklace is sometimes expensive. Then again, nothing can beat the beauty of shark teeth on a shark teeth necklace.