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Picking the Right Shark Plush

People have different preferences and we cannot deny the fact that there are some people who are drawn to sharks. Despite their killer nature, some children find sharks attractive and sometimes adorable. Just because they are predators does not mean that both young and old should abhor sharks.

Sharks do look scary in person or even in the movies. However, some clever individuals have found a way to make sharks appear less threatening.

How? Well, they did it by making a shark plush or a shark plushie.

A shark plush or a shark plushie is another term for a shark stuffed toy. The term plush or plushie is used because it sounds unique and is more attractive. A shark plush or shark plushie is often bought at souvenir shops. A shark plush or shark plushie is the less threatening version of the shark. Here are some reasons why you should get your child a shark plush or plushie.

  • It catches your child’s attention. If you are teaching your child how to identify animals, you can always use a shark plush or a shark plushie to help him picture out what a real shark is like.
  • It is easier for you to teach your child where the fins are, the gills are, the eyes are and the tails are. Instead of trying to mentally picture these parts in his or her brain, the child can look at the shark plushie instead.
  • You can also use the shark plush to emphasize on the dangers of swimming in an open sea, especially when it is known as a habitat for sharks. By showing your child how a shark looks like and what the teeth are for he will be able to understand that sharks are not like dogs.
  • A shark plushie can also be used as a pillow. Aside from using a shark plushie as a learning material your child can also use this as a pillow. Depending on the size, a shark plushie can work as a body pillow.

Since children cannot appreciate the beauty of real shark teeth, giving them a shark plushie for a souvenir is a better option. Your child will certainly love a shark plushie, especially if he loves the sea.