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Classifying Shark DVDs

Sharks are natural predators. For millions of years sharks have ruled the seas. Like any other predator, the shark is always looking for preys. Sea creatures that are not as powerful as the shark are often considered as preys. Preys include fishes and humans. If either a fish or a human goes near a shark, it is expected for the shark to launch an attack and capture the prey. Despite the gruesome image this creature has, many people are still drawn to it. In fact, there are hundreds of shark films created. These shark films often depict sharks as natural predators. These films also depict the killing prowess of these sharks. Shark films are interesting this is probably the reason why shark DVDs is selling like pancakes.

There are two major classifications of shark films recorded on shark DVDs. Each classification is briefly discussed below:

1. Shark DVD Documentary. A documentary is like a narrative movie. Usually, a narrator speaks in the background while screen shots and clips are being played on the film. The narrator often explains each scenario. The main purpose of a documentary is to capture reality. In the case of a shark DVD documentary, the purpose is shedding light on the existence of sharks. Shark documentaries often evolve on the nature of sharks, its instincts and its need as a species. Shark DVDs that contain documentaries are essential as learning tools.

2. Shark DVD Movie. Over the past years, the number of movies based on sharks is increasing in number. Unlike in a documentary where it tries to present the reality, a movie is often fictional and hardly true. Shark movies often depict sharks as killer machines. These movies often show sharks attacking a group of humans. Shark DVDs the contain shark movies often make the sharks look scary and gruesome. Sharks are popular main characters.

However, if you want to learn how sharks live in the real setting go for shark DVDs that contain documentaries. On the other hand, if you want to watch something awesome and barely real go for shark DVDS that contain shark movies. As long as you enjoy watching the film, it does not matter which shark DVD classification you choose.